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Lawyers for Civil Justice moves to a new State

July, 2016

Lawyers for Civil Justice moved to a new office in a new State; leaving Washington DC, and landing a prime office in the heart of Arlington, Virginia. In the process they also left Verizon and upgraded their data and phone system to Comcast. The upgrade provided much faster data speed, and a full featured phone system. With the help of HDF, LFCJ was able to make the transition without any downtime.

For many corporations conducting business in America, the soaring cost of litigation has become a heavy burden. Litigation costs are in fact so high that they are affecting the ability of American companies to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Meanwhile, the high costs and burdens also force litigants to opt out of the U.S. courts in favor of other forms of dispute resolution or, unfortunately, to settle cases without regard to the merits in an effort to avoid the expense of discovery.

Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) is addressing this issue head on. As a partnership of leading corporate counsel and defense bar practitioners, LCJ forges alliances among its members and leverages the strength of those alliances to help restore and maintain balance in the civil justice system. By uniting the business and defense bar communities in propelling reasonable reform initiatives, LCJ provides our Members with an amplified voice in civil justice reform. No other organization promotes legal reform with the same niche focus and success as LCJ.

For more information, please see their website at: www.lfcj.com

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